Rid Thyself!

Oprah did a show this week about a woman who was a hoarder. I was amazed by this woman. She had filled her 3,000+ sq. foot house to the ceiling with stuff. She had everything from wrapping paper to TV’s. I could not stop thinking about this woman’s need to fill an emptiness and her desire to do it with “stuff”. The “expert” on this show said something that really struck me. He said “respect the space you have”. His idea was that we all only have so much space and we shouldn’t buy, or keep more stuff than what comfortably fits into our space.

David and I have two small kids and we live in a 2,000 sq ft house. Our house isn’t huge, and it has TERRIBLE closet space. (I actually have a linen closet that is shaped like a triangle – no, I’m not making that up). However, it should be plenty of room for a family four.

So, Oprah’s show aired on Wed and on Thursday I got a notice that our subdivision was having a garage sale. I kicked into action commando-style and I was merciless. I wanted to get rid of anything that didn’t “honor my space”. I got rid of wedding presents we received, I got rid of vases that once held flowers David had bought for me, furniture, tools, linens, VIDEO GAMES (Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I did that).

I’m sitting here on my couch exhausted and basking in the glory that my house has been cleansed and in return I have $320 that I didn’t have this morning. Man, I love that as a stay at home mom I have generated actual cash — and it didn’t involve me exposing my body.

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