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Photo on 12-7-13 at 2.17 PM #2I am a married mother of three living in the suburbs of Dallas.  I spent ten years working in online media before leaving to be a full-time mom and a part-time English professor.  During the day I teach college students Business Communications and how to survive their first interview. At night I’m a rock star mom who knows how to fry up the bacon while blogging on the side.  I love new technology, gadgets, cooking and books.


Contributing editor on Blog Nosh Magazine
Guest blogger on Scribbit
Guest blogger on 5 Minutes For Books
Guest blogger on Shine.Yahoo

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My blog started in late 2007.  I try to post once or twice a month. I average approximately 1,800 page loads a month.  My topics cover family life, teaching, marriage, cooking, books & technology.

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Email me at: bethcmorley@gmail(dot)com