About Me

I’m Beth.

I work part time as a college professor. I used to teach Freshmen Composition until the inability of students to capitalize the word “I” drove me to the brink of insanity.  I now teach Business Communications at the University of Texas at Dallas and I am far more at peace with the world.

I am also a full time mother to three children.  I gave birth to my youngest just months shy of turning 40.  This makes me a mother of “advanced maternal age”.  This also means I don’t really listen to parenting advice.

Family Line Up

I am married to David Morley, who happens to be the most talented, funniest, smartest amazing guy I have ever met. He makes me laugh every day.

I homeschool my kids and am launching a new specialty food business with my sister because I don’t know how to relax or enjoy “down” time.

In fifth grade I dreamed about becoming an author and writing children’s stories.  That hasn’t really worked out for me, but I do have this blog and most days that is good enough.