You Don’t Buy Me Flowers…But You Do Buy Me An iPhone

David has never been what you might call a “traditional romantic”. He does romantic things, it is just that they wouldn’t seem romantic to anybody else outside of our own little world. David has been working a lot of hours lately and so in order to show me his love and appreciation for me “holding down the fort” he bought me an iPhone this weekend. The gift-giving went something like this:

Me: You bought me an iPhone? But..
David: I know, I don’t want you to worry about the money
Me: Really? you think this is a good purchase?
David: Listen, the only thing I like talking about more than work is my iPhone and anything that can help us stay connected and share is priceless.
Me: I love you.

I have to admit – I LOVE it! I have spent the last twelve hours updating and tweeking and making it my own. I’m sure you will hear more about my new delightful companion in posts to come. In the meantime, thanks babe – you rock!

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