Welcome To My New Home

David asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day and I said “I want a new design for my blog and I want you to migrate me to Word Press”.  Although he agreed to do it, I think secretly he was hoping I was going to say, “Oh honey, your love is enough gratitude for the job I do every day”.  I guess this means he won’t be asking me this question in the future.

This is the problem; David is an award-winning Interactive Creative Director.   David has actually been widely recognized for his creative talents designing web sites (a multiple Addy winner, multiple W3 winner, and a contender at the Cannes Ad Festival).  As a result, he doesn’t have the time, energy or interest to design his wife’s blog. It is like asking Pavarotti to sing at your birthday party, not exactly the best use of his talent.  However, in David’s defense he has always been 100% enthusiastically supportive of my blogging endeavors and I must say he has done a mighty fine job with the new design.  I guess I’ll scratch his back later (this is the ultimate love currency in our house. David will pretty much do anything for me if I agree to scratch his back for an indefinite period of time).

Cool New Features

Take some time to look around.  I’ve added some new pages about me and reorganized my blog roll.  As part of this new redesign I’m also launching two new regular features on my blog.  The first one is “Techn’o Beth” a regular post about the latest gadget, gizmo or technology thingy that I think women cannot live without.  I love technology and have felt for a while that I haven’t spent enough time really sharing this interest of mine here on the ole blog so expect to see more of that in the future.  The second new feature will be “Bullseye on the Blogger”.  I will be interviewing and featuring different bloggers.  I’m hoping to talk with the bloggers that have inspired me and  whom I feel provide great quality content on a regular basis.

Give Away Time

Now for the fun part — in order to celebrate the redesign All Children’s Furniture has been kind enough to give me one of their great toys (A Step2 Art Easel) to raffle off here.  To learn more about the contest and All Children’s Furniture go to the “contest” page or just comment here to win.

I also want to take this moment to thank my faithful readers, without whom this would be a one way conversation.  I also want to welcome any new readers and let you know that this relationship works best if you have really low expectations of me – that way I can always exceed them.  Make sure you leave a comment and let me know what you think of the new design and enter the give away.


Ashley Moshell of “Team Moshell” won the Step2 Art Easel from All Children’s Furniture. Congratulations Ashley!!

16 thoughts on “Welcome To My New Home”

  1. Great new design and always love to read your words! Always making me laugh and think my friend… 🙂 Love the post before, about your parents, and how our parents become more raw and real as we get older – isn’t that true? Maybe that’s why they love being grandparents – so they can keep the magic going through our children.

    Love you my friend!

  2. Love the new look! Can’t wait for future posts. I always get so excited when I see you have new stuff up. You rock!

  3. Yay, totally excited you are up and running. Still a daily hotspot for me to read!

  4. LOVE your new layout! We’ve updated our blogroll and I just did a little happy dance to see that you finally decided that a “dog blog” was worthy of being on your list (hahaha!)

    So great to see you last week and spend the afternoon wtih you! I posted some pics you’ll like on our blog (we took a 1 day break from Pug Programming).

    Oh…the waffle is my favorite! 😉

  5. Love the new blog Bethie! David did really well! I hope he gets a good back scratch!! Awesome giveaway, how did you manage to get a toy donation? YOU ROCK!
    Love ya,

  6. What a great husband you have. Congrats on the new space. It looks great.
    I’m also pretty excited about your giveaway. What a cool company to host the giveaway on your site. Fingers and toes are crossed here….

  7. Thanks Karin! He is pretty awesome, although a fair bit of nagging did occur before he relented. My fingers are crossed for you too!!

  8. Hey! Love the new look! It’s so elegant and professional-looking! Yay!

    And I’d love to win the easel thing. I’ve been eyeing them at IKEA for a few months now, but haven’t ponied up the money. This one looks a bit sturdier/higher quality.

    Oh, and the back scratching? The only time I get enough of it is when I pull a c. interruptus. THEN I get almost enough scratching!

  9. Bethie, love your newly designed blog. So glad you didn’t change the artwork at the top – I think that is so clever. I also think your husband is extremely talented (of course I’m his mother, but that doesn’t change the facts does it?)!!
    Just went back and read “Max’s First Kiss” and cried. Also loved your “Coming Home” post. Looking forward to your new “techno gadget” feature.

  10. Thanks Ashley! Now that its summer we should take the kids to the splash park or maybe some place air conditioned. hahaha

  11. Seriously, David will do almost anything if I promise back-scratching. I’m surprised he didn’t somehow work it into our wedding vows “… in sickness and in health, all the back scratching that he desires blah, blah, blah…”

  12. Gosh, I’m a horrible friend, or just refusing to join the Web 3.0 world. I didn’t see your last site. So, why isn’t back scratching a universal currency? I can get just about anything I want with a back scratch in the morning. Thank goodness for these changing hormones I’m already experiencing that have given me nails that I had always wished for but never had.

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