Thanksgiving II

If you are a parent of healthy children you are obligated to be thankful.  The few times my kids have been seriously ill has shown me a glimpse into the world of parents with chronically and seriously ill children. I cannot imagine living that nightmare.  First and foremost this year I am thankful for healthy, normal children.

I am also thankful for the uniqueness of each of my children. None of them are exactly like me or David but have hints, and traces of each parent mixed with their own magical combination of attributes and character flaws.


I am so thankful that Lucy is a reader.  She is a voracious reader, like her mother, and has a beautiful curiosity about the world.  She is not a person of blind faith, or fairy tale beliefs. Rather, she is a child of sensible conclusions and reasonable thinking. I am also very thankful that she has a strong sense of right and wrong and quickly defends herself and her friends in the face of elementary school bullies and social meanness which is so often seen on the school yard.  I have seen her be a loyal friend and sister again and again.


I am most thankful for Max’s gentle spirit and tender heart.  We hear so many stories about boys being mean, aggressive and generally ill-tempered.  Although Max won’t hesitate to throw a swing if his sister is bothering him he is also equally quick to offer help, a hand, or a hug.  Max is kind to everybody,  always uses his manners, and is openly affectionate to friends and family.  I’m proud that Max takes after his Daddy with his kindness and generosity.  He will be a blessing in the lives of many people.


At Harper’s young age I’m most thankful for her health.  Giving birth at 40, and after a miscarriage, makes you more grateful for health than anything else.  Even at her young age  you can sense her jovial spirit – that same good hearted sense of humor that her daddy possesses.  Her hearty laugh and sense of silliness is something I suspect she will always portray.

Finally, I’m thankful that I’ve been given the gift of parenthood.  I’m thankful that I have been given front row seats to watch the lives of these three amazing people unfold. And I’m most thankful that I get to watch with my best friend sitting next to me.

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  1. Aww my heart is bursting. I am thankful that my son found YOU to the be mother of my grandchildren! What a fortuitous day that was in his life and mine!

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