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I met Micki early in my teaching career, a quiet attentive student who sat in the front row. When I mentioned I was looking for a new nanny for my son, who at the time was eighteen months, she was the only student who applied.  Well, fast forward five years and Micki is still with us and an integral and important member of our family.

I love Micki. She is like my baby sister. I would do ANYTHING for her.

During these five years Micki has tried tirelessly to get pregnant and become a mother herself.  The pain of watching her suffer through two miscarriages, several failed infertility treatments all while cheerfully nurturing my own children, and supporting me through my third pregnancy, has been heartbreaking.

After five years there is a glimmer of hope.  Micki has been seeing a new fertility specialist and they think they have identified the issue. Micki will be undergoing some surgery in a month that will improve her chances at getting pregnant and staying pregnant.  We are all praying that this is the miracle for which we have prayed.

HOWEVER, insurance won’t pay for the surgery.  We are faced with a $6,000 procedure which stands between Micki and a baby. I can’t get pregnant for Micki. I can’t fix her body so she can get pregnant. BUT, I CAN help her raise $6,000.

Our fundraising efforts are multifaceted.

#1 We are selling canned goods.  As of now we have Sweet Potato Butter, Homemade Pickles, Raspberry Jam, Homemade Marinara, and Mango Butter.  Texas won’t let us sell them online but if you want to email me directly we can arrange for a purchase/delivery (prices range from $3-$7 a jar).

#2 We will be opening an Etsy shop in September that will sell homemade bath salts, bath scrubs, bath bombs, and a variety of other luxury bath products.  Keep your eye open for that announcement.

#3 We will also be organizing some fun family events like a bowling night, cooking classes and chili cook off.

If you are a mother, or are familiar with infertility struggles I beg you to find it in your heart to help Micki out.  Help this woman, this sweet, nurturing caring woman who wants nothing else but to be a mother herself.

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