My Dare Devil

I just felt that she was too young.  Seven years old is still a baby.  David was so excited though and his brother, Paul, so confident that she could do it that I never even uttered a word of protest.  David hooked the skis to the back of the jet ski and out into the lake they went.  I was confident that one face plant into the water would send Lucy screaming back to the dock for protection from Mommy.

I stood with as much height as I could manage, squinting into the hot sun to watch Paul give her directions and put the skis on her.  The jet ski roared to life, water spraying out the back and David took off.  The rope quickly went taunt and Lucy was up, standing — water skiing and then as equally fast she flew face forward plowing into the lake.  I held my breath waiting for the screams and tears that I knew would be coming.  I was all prepared for a great big “told you so” when I realized there was silence.  No tears.  No screams.  As a matter of fact she had already gotten her skis back on and was waiting for the jet ski to swing back around to pull her again.  Once again, the rope went tight and Lucy was up and then down.  She would go on to repeat this cycle three times but with neither tears nor screams.

Somewhere, somehow, Lucy has found her self-confidence.  She jumped off the jet ski and onto the dock and for one fleeting second I saw adult woman Lucy and not 7 year old Lucy.  Her long, lean legs, dark wavy hair and confident walk are but a glimpse into her future. She broke into giggles and excitement over what she had accomplished and there were hugs and high fives all around.   In one month she has managed to learn to ride a horse, ride a bike and water ski.  Not a bad summer for a seven year old.

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