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As we head into the holiday weekend (here in the states) I thought I would list the most visited, stumbled upon, highest-traffic posts I’ve written. I’m sure you will be surprised, as I am, regarding which ones made the top 5. Here they are:

1.) Max’s First Kiss
I wrote this in August 2008 as part of Scribbit’s Write Away Contest. I have people read this post EVERY SINGLE DAY. It is hands down my most popular post.

2.) See Dick Fail His Class
This post was done in response to an article I had read about the Dallas ISD and their new grading policy. Once again, I have people read this post EVERY DAY and still get comments periodically. This is the one that surprises me the most.

3.) Barbie Versus Motherhood
I periodically post out on Shine.Yahoo. When this post hit that online magazine it was filled with people telling me I’m an idiot for worrying about a stupid doll. However, my personal blog readers – out here – are smart and really grasped what I was trying to say. It hit a chord because people keep coming back to it.

4.) Circle of Life
This was done in honor of Max’s birthday, but it really has more to do with my Grandfather passing away. This is also one of my personal favorites.

5.) Operation Pacifier Freedom
I think this is popular because people are always looking for ideas on how to get their kid to stop using the pacifier. I will say that Max has been “paci-free” for about 4 months now with no signs of going back. I could not be more thrilled.

Happy reading and I will meet you all back here on Tuesday. Have a great holiday weekend.

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