It suddenly occurred to me that I have told you nothing about Harper since she was born. I’ve kvetched, I’ve whined, I’ve complained, I’ve cried but I’ve said nothing about Harper the person outside of the fact that she exited my womb.

Well, here she is at not quite 8 months old:

While pregnant with Harper I used to feel this uncontrollable urge to giggle when I thought about her. At times I thought it was just a “girl thing” but as her delivery date drew closer I began to realize that it was her – she was going to be funny.  Indeed my little Harper loves to laugh. Her giggles come easy and often.  Like her older sister she is laid back, easy going and takes the world in stride.  My mother used to say that “God gives you the children you deserve” and I must say she’s right.  Lucy was a very easy infant which was good because I was fairly certain I was going to kill her with my stupidity.  Max was challenging but that was because of my over confidence in my mothering abilities, and Harper, well, Harper is happy.  Considering the tumultuous and at many times flat out depressing year we’ve been having at the Casa de Morley Harper has been a welcome breeze. Her easy laughter and quick smiles have continued to be the best part of 2010.

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