Remember how I told you that we put a bid on a house and it was rejected? Well, the owner changed her mind and now – right now – as we head into the holidays and while I’m 7 months pregnant – we are selling our house and  moving.  I’ve already documented my delicate emotional state during this pregnancy and this additional stress has truly sent me to “crazy town”.  So currently, David’s day looks something like this:

7:00 AM wakes up to me reminding him to not forget about Max’s lunch and don’t fall back to sleep

8:30 AM – 6:00 PM After an hour long commute that can only be compared to a slow death march he arrives at work where his schedule is usually non-stop meetings peppered with people complaining that he isn’t in enough places at the same time.

5:30 PM – 6:30 PM Receives approximately 20 phone calls/text messages from me asking if he’s left yet.

6:00 PM – 7:00 PM Death march commute in reverse

7:00 PM is greeted by me hysterical about who knows what and the kids simultaneously talking and poking him in the tummy.  There is no dinner. I made mac-n-cheese for the kids. The leftovers are in the pot.

8:00 PM he puts the kids to bed which is probably the only time somebody is nice to him all day

9:00 PM he gets back on his computer and works for an hour or more. He catches up on emails or freelance work

10:30 PM He returns to the family room to find me asleep on the couch and he’s left to watch The Colbert Report by himself.

Why this man has not run from the house screaming I have no idea. Every pregnancy is unique and the emotional upheaval of this pregnancy is quite pronounced. David is worried that I’m going to go all crazy after the baby is born and will pull a “Dooce” and end up in a mental hospital. I’m hoping I will find my way to medication before I get to that point but yes, the emotional carnage of pregnancy is scary and I am as worried about it as he is. In the meantime I’m so, so, so grateful that I have an awesome husband who, for the most part, cheerfully puts up with my crazy.

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