Baby #1 Vs Baby #3

Baby #1: The pregnancy test comes back positive and your emotional reaction is overwhelming.  There are tears and squeals of joy. Phone calls are instantly made around the world announcing the glorious news.

Baby #3: The pregnancy test comes back positive and you exclaim in the privacy of your bathroom; “NO WAY!”

Baby #1: You instantly purchase every book on pregnancy, have calendars always within arms reach and can tell anybody at a moments notice how far along you are down to the minute, and where your baby is developmentally

Baby #3: You no longer keep track of time and assume that when the baby is done it will arrive.  No reason to really think too much about it now.

Baby #1: You have the nursery decor selected, colors chosen, and themes identified before the end of the first trimester

Baby #3: If necessary the baby can sleep in a drawer. It is not like it will remember.

Baby #1: You practically throw a party on the day you realize you can no longer fit into your pants and MUST buy maternity clothes

Baby #3: You never really stopped wearing your maternity clothes from the first two pregnancies.

Baby #1: Every pregnancy symptom is greeted with excitement and confirmation of the growing miracle in your stomach

Baby #3: You find yourself cursing your husband and yourself for thinking another pregnancy was a good idea every time you wretch, or experience a leg cramp

Baby #1: Friends, family and doctors are so excited for you and share in the joy that is the innocence of not fully understanding the bomb that is about to explode in your life.

Baby #3: Friends, family and doctors look at you and ask “was this an accident or on purpose?”

Baby #1: Names are selected and properly engraved on every blanket, shirt, bottle and item in the nursery all before the end of the second trimester

Baby #3: A name? The baby needs a name?

Baby #1: Thinking about the new person joining your family makes you want to cry

Baby #3: Knowing that the new person joining your family will change you forever makes you want to cry

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  1. I linked to your blog from Scribbit. You are a gifted writer. This is my favorite post. SOOO true, although I only have 2 children 🙂

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