Sometime during the 1960’s David’s grandfather, Reveau Stewart, bought a piece of lakefront property for $650.  Since he was a skilled carpenter and craftsman, he built a small vacation house for himself and his family of nine.  Today it is the focal point, and gathering location for the Stewart family.  This past Fourth of July there were approximately 25 people staying at the lake house, all of whom were closely related.  The love, joy, fellowship and connections that are shared during these big grand weekends is only eclipsed by the large amount of food that is also shared (8 loaves of bread, 10 pounds of lunch meat, 3 chocolate cakes, etc).

Lucy & Max with their cousins
Lucy & Max with their cousins

As the sun sank behind the lake and everybody nestled onto blankets or lawn chairs to watch the fireworks I looked at my children.  My kids who were dark skinned from a week of swimming in the lake.  My kids who were covered in a sticky combination of sun screen, popsicle, and sand.  My sweet children who will grow up being surrounded by a family that reaches as wide as it does deep.  And as the fireworks blasted in the sky and Max burst from his mouth; “AWESOME DUDE!” I thought this is what America is all about and it is indeed awesome.

6 thoughts on “America”

  1. The awesomeness that is the lake house never fails to excite me. No wonder this family is so amazingly close.
    Also, this year’s fireworks were greatness–definitely beat last year’s.

  2. I am so very thankful for my Dad’s vision and for all the hard work he and mom put into building the lakehouse. Now that he has gone from us, his children and grandchildren will keep his dream alive and the love flowing because that is what he taught us to do by his example. I know he is looking down and smiling!

  3. I’m so inviting myself there….looks so beautiful. I saw Carolyn’s pics from Nana Camp. They were too cute. Love that one of Max in the sequence and Lucy with her sunglasses and feather boa. Beautiful family!!

  4. What a sweet tribute to Uncle Reveau, Beth. He had so much joy in making children happy and giving them a place to have fun from the swing “under the trees” in Lewisville to the Lake House in Winnsboro. His joy was seeing the children’s joy. He would have such a kick out of this picture you posted here of the little ones. I miss him!

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