THX – the Demon, the Legacy

When Lucy was about 2 years old David took her to see “Cars” in the movie theater. The lights got dark, and the THX surround sound intro roared onto the screen and Lucy fell apart. She ran screaming out of the theater and has never returned. Since that fateful day she has not stopped talking about it or being scared of it. That was over 2 years ago. She proudly relays to any person willing to stop and listen that she’s scared of the THX, that it has a robot, that it makes a loud mooing (or roaring sound) and that she makes us fast-forward past it when we watch a movie at home. To this day she will run into another room while a movie starts and has become an expert at spotting the THX logo on DVD cases. She also has a running catalog of all movies that have a THX intro and those who do not.

Well, recently Lucy has faced her THX demon and has conquered it. She proudly boasts that she thinks it is “funny” and that she never was really scared of it to begin with. However, nothing prepared me for dinner tonight:

Me: Okay, let’s say a prayer
Lucy: I want to say it
Me: Okay go ahead
Lucy: Thank you God for Grandma and Grandpa. Thank you for Max. Thank you for Daddy. Thank you for all the good things. And oh, thank you for the THX. Amen.

Amen Lucy.

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