Lucy’s Greatest Hits

Lucy: You’re the tooth fairy aren’t you Mommy?

Me: What makes you think that?

Lucy: Well, Tinker Bell is a fairy and she isn’t real. So, fairies aren’t real. So, the tooth fairy isn’t real


Lucy: I’m glad we live where we live

Me: why?

Lucy: because nobody is poor here. Daddy works and makes money and I’m glad we’re not poor

Me: Yes, we’re very lucky

Lucy: yeah, that is why I don’t want to grow up

Me: why?

Lucy: Well, it doesn’t look like fun. I don’t want to go to school and teach people stuff all day

Me: Well, you don’t have to be a teacher like mommy – you can be anything

Lucy: I don’t want to be anything. I don’t want to work


Lucy: What is a miracle?

Me: a miracle is something only God can do

Lucy: How did Jesus get into heaven with God?

Me: Well, that is one of those things that we just don’t know

Lucy: How could God bring Jesus to heaven if he doesn’t have any hands?

Me: I don’t know

Lucy: I KNOW!! God sent a bunch of little mice with wings and they carried Jesus up to heaven.


Lucy praying: “Dear God, thank you for all of our things. That you for this food that Mommy has made. And please let us have our baby and don’t make it die. Amen”


Lucy: Do you know the opposite of bacon Daddy?

David: No, what is it?

Lucy: pig


“Do people become bad because they can’t find their shoes?”


“When I grow up I want to be like God”


“Daddy isn’t fat the food is”

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