Knock, Knock

Lucy has recently become obsessed with knock-knock jokes. It is like living with a really bad comedian. She only knows about three jokes but she thinks all of them are hysterical and expects peels of laughter every time. David and I humored her for the first 200 times she told the jokes but now I feel like tossing vegetables at her and telling her to get off the stage.

Lucy: Knock-Knock
Me: Who’s there?
Lucy: Boo
Me: Boo Who?
Lucy: Don’t cry mommy
(polite laughter from me follows)

Recently I’ve noticed that Max is starting to also tire of her jokes. And if you’ve worn out a 2 yr. old than you’ve really pushed the limits. The joke-telling now goes something like this:

Lucy: Knock-Knock
Max: Boo
Lucy: No Max, you’re supposed to say “Who”
Max: Boo Who

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